At Moon + Mellow we take our commitment to social responsibility very seriously. We care deeply about every person involved in the supply chain of our garments. Before we started designing our first pieces, we were busy trying to find the best, ethical factories to work with. We spent months searching, talking to, vetting and visiting factories. We were looking for partners that shared our belief in sustainable production and the highest social standards for workers.

We believe that transparency is the way forward. We want to find and work closely with the best factories around the world and we want to share these stories with you, so that our customers have an insight into where their Moon + Mellow garments were made.  We have found an amazing apparel and packaging factory. We visit them regularly and know the owners personally. Let us tell you a little bit about them......

The Pyjama Factory - Portugal, Santo Tirso

We were delighted when we found a family owned clothing factory based in Santo Tirso, the centre of the textile industry in Portugal. Established in 1986, the owner is the 4th generation of his family to be involved in textiles. Working with his wife, they make an unstoppable team. They not only specialise in the production of luxury sleepwear, they are also Sedex members who have committed to completing the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) yearly. The quality of the garments they make and their attention to detail is reflected by the calibre of fashion brands that they produce for. They were just what we had been looking for! Having and sharing a SMETA audit with us shows the factories transparency and commitment to best practice in ethical production, operational standards and sustainable corporate management practices. The fact that they are lovely warm people too is the icing on the cake! Our beautifully soft luxury cotton is produced in a local family owned mill, also in Santo Tirso, just down the road from the factory so it doesn’t have to travel far! Our mill is also a successful family business. It was established in 1969 and today has three generations involved in the company.

The Packaging Factory - Huizhou City, China

Our packaging is produced in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Established in 1994, the factory has built a strong reputation for high quality detailed packaging and sustainable production among many of the world's famous high fashion and cosmetic brands. They too complete a SMETA audit yearly and have an impeccable track record in the areas of labour standards, environmental management, health and safety and business integrity. Their openness and transparency allow us to have a full view of where our packaging is coming from. Cliona met Ms Liu at a trade fair in Hong Kong six years ago while in her previous responsible sourcing role. She visited the factory shortly afterwards and has worked closely with them ever since. This factory was a real 'find' and Ms Liu is always a pleasure to work with. We look forward to our next catch up in Huizhou.

Our Commitment

We have a wonderful relationship with the socially responsible factories that we work with. We plan to always work closely with them and visit regularly. Building our brand, building relationships, checking production, learning from best practice while visiting beautiful places and meeting with great people along the way – This is how we work and we think that it's a pretty good formula. 

Follow the links for more information on Sedex  and SMETA