I love my bed, I love my sleep and I love nice things. For me, something as simple as a great night’s sleep can change everything.

I have always had an obsession for finding the ultimate pyjamas. Beautiful fabric, comfortable feel, looks great and has that little bit of extra style and magic. I have found nice pyjamas along the way but there were always changes I wanted to make and details I wanted to add. I found myself dreaming about creating my own line. Eventually I decided to believe in myself, focus on the thing I love and go for it. Moon + Mellow was born and my first sleepwear collection, ‘Legends’, was created.

Our lives are busier than ever. Whether you want to unwind after a hectic day at work, a jam-packed day with the kids, coming home from travelling the globe or a wild night on the town, it is such a lovely feeling to take off all your layers and step into crisp, fresh cotton pyjamas. This marks the point in our day when we can relax, slow down and take time for ourselves. Moon + Mellow pyjamas elevate this ordinary moment into something special. The simple pleasure of everyday luxury.


Our products are designed in Ireland with unique exclusive prints.

Each garment is manufactured in our partner factory in Portugal to ensure the best quality and craftsmanship.

Our 100% cotton fabrics are sourced from a Portuguese mill.

We are all about details and finishes - Signature cuffs, relaxed tailoring, French seams, mother of pearl buttons, cotton piping and our custom gift packaging.

Our garments and packaging are all au naturel.

Our garments and packaging are all ethically and sustainably produced.

Moon + Mellow pyjamas are the perfect gift. We have created beautiful packaging to cover all the base.

If you fancy that extra bit of wow, we also offer personalisation and bespoke services.

We make fabulous pyjamas, for lovers of bed, great sleeps and dreaming big. Worn from sleepwear to beachwear & everything in-between.


Cliona has a background in Marketing and Business Management. She has spent the last ten years working in responsible sourcing, developing products for some of the world’s top-ranking global brands and finding ethical factories to produce them. In 2016, she completed an MA is Business Ethics, recognising that more and more people, like her, were valuing brands that embraced sustainable practices, offering customers the finest quality, ethically produced products and transparency in what they did.

Cliona inherited a love for pyjamas from her Mum who would always include a really nice pair as part of her and her sisters Christmas and Birthday presents. She found over the years that it was always the special ones that she would reach for in the drawer. The ones that had a crisp, fresh cotton feel and where soft on the skin. They were also the ones that she kept and loved for years.

Cliona lives in Ireland with her husband Adrian, her three boys Ethan, Mark and Alex and their dog Rosco. In 2018, with her youngest son just starting school, Cliona decided to take a year out to develop her own brand. Combining her expertise in ethical sourcing, a creative marketing flair and a lifelong love for pyjamas, she decided to focus on a new luxury sleepwear range aimed at transforming the daily bedtime and sleep ritual into a magical, goddess experience, believing that when you are rested anything is possible!

Moon + Mellow, launched in July 2019 with the ‘Legends’ collection. Luxury cotton, unique prints and detailed finishes are the brands signature. Prints for this collection draw inspiration from Irish legends. Paired with beautiful detailed packaging, these pyjamas make a lovely gift celebrating women, family and friendships – the legends in our lives!