What from your collection is the perfect Christmas morning loungewear?

All of the pieces feel amazing on and are great for lounging in. But I did design the Poetic Vista sets with Christmas in mind. This print is really feminine and delicate. It is a hand painted landscape scene in deep burgundy’s and teal mixed with softer pinks. The burgundy piping really shows off the extra details in the collar and in our signature cuffs.  We are all about everyday luxury which is made to be worn, so while this piece incorporates warm Christmassy tones, it is also perfect all year round.

What's your favourite Christmas traditions?

I love Christmas Eve. I fly around Naas, where we live, doing the last few bits in the morning while the kids buy each other presents down town. The Christmas lights are on and carols are playing over speakers on the main street. There is a fabulous atmosphere. Then we always go out to our favourite restaurant for an early dinner with friends and all the kids. After a mad couple of weeks, it is so nice to start winding down. The kids love getting together and there is great excited for Santa’s arrival. This dinner always marks the start of the Christmas break for me. Lets hope we can get dressed up and see each other this year.

What fabrics do you love for cosy winter nightwear?

I have always had a fascination with finding the ultimate pyjamas and for me the quality of the fabric was the most important part. We use 100% luxury organic cotton. It feels beautifully soft on the skin and has a really calming quality. It is light and breathable and drapes on the body to giving a lovely shape as you lounge!

Describe your ultimate festive night in?

At Christmas time our house is full to the brim with all our favourite food and drinks – my kind of heaven! It was the same when I was growing up. It is the one time of the year when you can have whatever you fancy, it’s all there in the kitchen!  I love settling in for the night by the fire. Our family and some great friends live close by. I love when they just pop in over Christmas and we have everything we need to entertain without any fuss. Tree lights on, fire blazing and lovely wine flowing. It’s all very relaxed and cosy.

What festive treat would you have on this festive night in?

I love a big glass of red wine with lots of tasty nibbles like an antipasti platter. There is always a box of chocolates at arm’s length and a never-ending supply of chips n dips.

What Christmas movie is on your annual rotation for a cosy night in and what would you wear from your collection on the coach?

I just love old style action movies. I have three brothers and growing up we watched movies like Die Hard, Indiana Jones and Superman at Christmas time. They are not your typical Christmas movies but they do remind me of my childhood Christmases. They are also a big hit with my own boys so we can watch them as a family. My movies attire has got to be the Moon + Mellow Long Set.

How do you unwind at this busy time of year?

People do love their pyjamas at Christmas time so I am busy in work right up until Christmas Eve. I particularly love Christmas Eve. At this stage, all the presents are bought, all the food is in and its time to relax and enjoy the holiday. We always stay at home. I love just being around the house, taking things slowly and having nowhere to be. Spending mornings in my pyjamas and eating Christmas leftovers for breakfast. That is my ultimate guilty pleasure.

Do you consider loungewear the new party wear?

Absolutely. Loungewear is so big right now. We are all spending more time at home. It makes so much sense to invest in special pieces that we can wear every day and that we feel good and look good in. I think that’s the way people are shopping now.

What would you gift from your collection?

I just think that you can’t go wrong with a beautiful set of pyjamas. They are the perfect Christmas treat to celebrate the amazing women in our live. There is a print there for everyone.

What is top of your Christmas list?

Top of my list this year is the Leopard Short Set. This set was designed right back at the very start when I first set up. But I decided to focus on producing just a small collection initially. So, I held this style back for a while. Customers have been asking for them ever since. So, I know there is a lot of love out there for the shorties! I am so delighted that they have launched and are finally getting their moment! 

What is the inspiration behind this collection? 

This collection was inspired by the freedom, romance and wilds of the wilderness. The feeling that comes from being out in nature and the peace that openness brings. The idea that we cannot have freedom without wilderness. To live freely we need open space to move through our lives guided by our own desires, abilities and loves, uninterrupted by expectations. Nature's roughness, irregularity and complexities, like our own, are what make it, and us, magnificent. In the wilds we can just be ourselves. It is a place where we have the freedom to love, to dream and to shine.


Describe your brands philosophy?

We love pyjamas, great sleeps and dreaming big. We are all about fine quality fabrics, unique prints, detailed finishes, ethical production and keeping things au naturel. We have combined these elements and created the ultimate sleepwear range.

How did your brand come about?

I have had an obsession with pyjamas for longer than I can remember. Over the years, my mum has treated me to some really nice sets. There was always one under the tree for my sister and me at Christmas time. I have had favourites over the years and wondered what it was about them that made them special. But then I started to think about changes I’d like to make or details that I wanted to add. I have always loved the feel of luxury fabrics too. For a long time, I dreamt about creating my own line. Two years ago, the timing just seemed right and I decided to believe in myself, focus on the thing I love and go for it. Moon + Mellow was born and it’s the best decision I ever made!

What makes your brand different?

The quality of our fabric, our unique hand painted prints, the detailing and finish of our garments and our commitment to sustainability.