Whether you’re already on holiday or counting down the days, Moon + Mellow has your downtime hotlist full of sunny delights.
Not to be too literal but this July we’ll be immersed in Miranda July’s racy new novel. The Vermont-born indie filmmaker, musician and author invites us on a road-trip with a perimenopausal artist who spontaneously leaves her husband and child at home to drive cross-country, from LA to NY. She doesn’t get very far, geographically speaking… but her personal and sexual awakening proves to be seismic in her bid for freedom. Page-turningly hilarious, tender, profound, and hotter than the Californian desert.
COOKING Real Healthy
If it’s good enough for Yotam Ottolenghi, Tim Spector and Dr Rupy Aujila – all of whom give glowing testimonials on its cover – then Melissa Hemsley’s latest cookbook is good with us. Its subtitle ‘Unprocess your diet with easy, everyday recipes’ sets the scene, marking a natural progression from her previous efforts and Substack output. Ultra-processed food, and gut health, are the two biggest debates in cooking right now and Hemsley’s wholesome, nutrition-rich and practical recipes are on the nose.
 PODCAST Beár Bia with Dee Laffan and Oisin
Consider pairing Hemsley’s cookbook with a new Irish drinks food and drinks podcast by co-hosts Dee Laffan and Oisín Davis – although there may be more calories in this series. Between them – broadcaster and journalist Laffan is editor of Scoop magazine and a member of the Food Writers Guild; author Davis is the director of Great Irish Beverages – they more than know their onions, with each themed episode a round-table tasting that brings together cheesemongers, brewers, distillers, farmers and foragers from across Ireland.
SELF CARE The Sleeping Forecast
On paper, summer is the season in which to rest and recuperate. But as any parent of school or college-age children knows, it’s often anything but… Sleep easy – or perhaps easier – with this BBC Sounds series that’s so randomly ambient that classical and/or electronic music is spliced with soporific excerpts from sources as scattershot as The Shipping Forecast, Ernest Shackleton’s 1902 expedition journal, Charlotte Church reciting Welsh poetry and Chris Packham reading from a 1920s nature book. Land of nod, here we come… Ready and willing, in our favourite Moon + Mellows, of course.
DRESS CODE Resort Maxi
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