So, I love my sleep. Nothing new there! As a result of this deep love for the z’s and obsession with maximising the greatness of my sleeps I have found myself following the same night time ritual for years. I really believe that it is all about the senses. So here are my top tips for following the senses into the land of nod!  This is all based on personal experience and what I find relaxing. It would be awesome if others got something from it too.

  • Switch off the mind: The lists are sometimes never ending. I know that I am much more productive, creative and happy when I am rested. So, I do draw a line where anything that I haven’t covered up to a certain point in a day will wait for the next. For me, taking off my makeup and getting into my pyjamas marks the time in my day when I can relax, slow down and take time for myself.
  • Dim the lights: In the evenings I keep the lighting dimmed. Using side lamps to set a relaxed tone. This subconsciously prepares the body and mind for the sleep ahead.
  • Cool it down: I rarely use the radiators in my bedroom and I often sleep with my window slightly open. I don’t know why or when I started doing this. I think I must have come across it by accident. It is the fresh feeling of cool air in the room and being tucked up and cosy that I love. I have since realised that this is a common Scandinavian sleep ritual where cold air is associated with freshness and good health.
  • Natural fibres: Fresh cotton sheets and cotton pyjamas feel beautifully soft on the skin and have a calming quality. Cotton allows your skin to breath and doesn’t trap heat. Unlike synthetic fabric which retain odours, the breathable quality of cotton means nothing but fresh sweet smells all night long.
  • Wrap up and sleep like a baby: I believe that extra warmth at night should come from a heavy blanket or a higher weight duvet rather than adding more layers of clothing. It is important to allow our skin to breath at night. Using blankets also adds a weight onto the body which provides a tactile stimulation that promotes calmness and sleep. It is the same principle as swaddling a baby.
  • Scent: I love the scent of freshly laundered pyjamas and sheets. I also love the treat of burning a scented candle just before bedtime. Some scents that are known to help with sleep are lavender, juniper and bergamot but you can’t go wrong with any fragrance that makes you happy.

Our sleep is so important. It has a massive impact on our creative selves, our careers, and our happiness. If any readers have their own sleep tips to share, leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear them.


Lots of love

Cliona x