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Holiday! Celebrate!

Here’s our summer hotlist of the best reads, beats and breaks, to assist your me-time journey.

 Ordinary Human Failings

HOLIDAY READING Ordinary Human Failings

Second novels are always tricky, especially when the first receives Sally Rooney-level levels of excitement – in this case Megan Nolan’s debut Acts of Desperation, which received both critical and commercial acclaim. There are great expectations, then, for Ordinary Human Failings, which focuses on the Green family: Irish immigrants in London circa 1990, whose furtive backstory – a teenage pregnancy – is revealed when a plucky young reporter begins investigating the tragic death of a child. Expect to see this engrossing novel on many a plane, train, automobile, beach and poolside this holiday season.

Mellow Tunes  

MELLOW TUNES Dream from the Deep Well

Like all good Irish folk musicians, Waterford’s Brigid Mae Power combines social commentary with enchanting melodies – on her new album, Dream from the Deep Well, the song ‘Ashling’ is a hymn to Ashling Murphy, who was killed on Tullamore’s Grand Canal earlier this year, while ‘Maybe It’s Just Lighting’ is told from the point of view of a refugee. This makes it sound like a downer of an album: it’s really not. Each piece is delivered with the sweetest, most mellifluous vocals and harmonies – perfect accompaniment for a cat nap or a snoozy bath.

 Girls Getaway

WEEKENDER Girls’ Getaway at The K Club

We’ve already mentally packed our favourite Moon + Mellow jim-jams for The K Club’s Girls’ Getaway package, which is a call to arms for catching up with fine friends on its bucolic 550-acre estate in Kildare. The overnight package includes B&B (breakfast in bed if that’s your vibe), afternoon tea (could these be the best scones in Ireland?) and – the piece de resistance – an exclusive 90-minute spa experience for up to four people which includes sipping Champagne in a private jacuzzi and sauna. 


DIARISING It Took a Century: Women Artists and the RHA

It took a century to elect the first woman artist, Sarah Purser, into the Royal Hibernian Academy and nearly another century for the appointment of its first woman president, Abigail OBrien, in 2018 – all celebrated in the National Gallery of Ireland’s free new exhibition It Took a Century: Women Artists and the RHA. Half of the artists represented are living, the other half span the decades from the 1920s – making this glorious show one for the diary during its four-month run.

Weekend Dress Code 

DRESS CODE: Leopard Print on White Eye Mask
Who else is waking up at the crack of dawn this season? In lieu of installing blackout blinds and proscenium-weight curtains, try our eye masks which might just help give you some extra shut-eye. They’re as handy for flights as for bright bedrooms, and being 100 per cent organic cotton – sustainably made, from offcuts from our nightwear – they’re as cool as a cucumber.