The super-stylist and creative director has travelled the globe working with fashion brands including Louis Vuitton, Brown Thomas, Primark, H&M and Parfois, while her editorial shoots have featured in Irish Tatler, Sunday Times STYLE and Elle Croatia

Welcome to our boudoir…

Courtney Smith in Moon and Mellow Pyjamas

As a stylist, your job is about helping people look their best. When do you feel you look your best?

Honestly, in the last few years I feel like I look my best with a little tan, very little makeup, hair scraped back into a simple chic bun, wearing jeans and T-shirt. I’m the most low-key, low-maintenance I have ever been and while I still love to get dressed up there is certainly something about being comfortable and authentic. That’s when we shine.


What three daywear staples should we all have in our wardrobe – or have we moved on from one-size fits all?

I feel we’ve moved on from this completely. My idea of a capsule wardrobe consists of snakeskin trousers and a Harley-Davidson vintage T-shirt, so I prefer to encourage people to look at their own personal style and create a staple wardrobe based off things they personally gravitate towards. That being said I do think everyone should own a great pair of denim jeans.


What impact did the pandemic have on how you think about style, fashion or even the industry at large?

Oh, it had a huge impact both good and bad. The fashion industry had already been moving into a new digital era anyway but the pandemic pressed fast-forward on that, which sadly means less editorial opportunities and smaller budgets for brands. So I have definitely been looking at additional opportunities as a stylist and fashion broadcaster to keep me on my toes.

So in a strange way I guess the pandemic forced me to reevaluate my career and where I wish to be in five or 10 years’ time. I had already been working with my clients as a creative director on shoots and decided to pursue that role more, and to help young stylists get a foot in the door by working on set alongside me.


You became a second-time mum during the pandemic, which must have been incredibly challenging. How did you cope during this unsettling period?

I became pregnant during the first official lockdown which was both exciting and unnerving. But that new slower pace of life allowed me to just pause and slow down – something I never did – and appreciate the small things.

I was really able to enjoy both my pregnancies [Zen, Smith’s son, was born in December 2020; daughter Bodhi was born in April 2022]. Naturally, it came with other issues, such as not being able to see friends and family, and not having the support there while pregnant and post birth. But I am someone who always tries to take a positive out of a negative and so we stayed in our little bubble and had lots of bonding time alone – something I will forever cherish.


Courtney Smith Leopard Short Set Pyjamas Ireland

Your bedroom is perhaps not the sanctuary it used to be. As a busy mum, how do you achieve a sense of rest and relaxation in there? 

It’s rare, let’s be honest. But it is still my go-to place for relaxation because I love to look out onto the waves lapping in and just breathe, even if it’s just for a moment. We don’t have any screens in the bedroom so it’s a technology-free area – when we are in there we read a book or relax instead, and I think that makes a huge difference.


What would a perfect weekend look like to you these days?

A beach walk with the family, seeing friends and a lovely meal cooked by [husband] Mark at home. Taking pleasure in the simple things.


Where and when was your last truly mellow moment? 

Life with two babies is hectic, but feeding my little girl Bodhi as a newborn, sitting in bed and watching sunrise is pure bliss before the day begins.


Where in the world is your favourite city for shopping?

I adore Paris for the vintage shopping, there are so many distinctive little spots and I always find something really unique.


Imagine a much-anticipated Friday night in. Your Moon + Mellow PJs are on (obvs) and you have the TV – and couch – to yourself. What is your go-to feel-good film, snack and refreshment and why? 

Oh gosh, I’d do a movie marathon – anything with Goldie Hawn, but Overboard and First Wives Club are firm favourites. And the snack has to be Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. I’m an addict… it was my pregnancy craving that simply hasn’t ended post-babies.

Who would be your top three celebrity pyjama party guests?

Iris Apfel, Harry Styles and Goldie Hawn – obviously!


What’s the last thing you do before you turn out the lights at bedtime?

Skin, skin, skin. I am a skincare junkie so I do my whole ritual before bed every night, without fail. I am currently obsessed with the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Facial oil.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

This changes depending on when you ask me, so I’m hoping if you were to ask me this in six months’ time it will be a morning meditation and a work-out. But right now, I’m usually woken up by Bodhi who is only just over four months old, so we usually have a feed – her milk, me cacao!


Which are your favourite picks from the Moon + Mellow collection? 

I adore my leopard short pyjama set, I wear it the most of all my PJs. I love how chic it is, so if I answer the door in my pyjamas I’m not mortified! I’ve even worn the shirt as a normal top with jeans before.