Moon and Mellow Ethical Luxury Sleepwear Brand Launch at Brown Thomas Create

April 8th 2019 and its 3 o’ clock in the afternoon. I am just running out the door to do the school run when the email notification zings on my phone. My heart skips a beat as I check who it’s from. I know what it’s about and I'm really hoping its good news!

From the moment we decided to take the leap of faith and start developing the Moon + Mellow brand, ‘CREATE 2019’ was on our radar. CREATE is the wonderful annual showcase hosted by Brown Thomas, Dublin. It celebrates the very best emerging talent in Irish design and is spearheaded by fashion director, Shelley Corkery. We had been following CREATE and knew what a fantastic launch pad it would be for our young Irish brand. Just as the 2018 showcase was coming to a close, we were making plans, researching fabrics, mills, factories and developing patterns and prints. We decided to contact Shelly at this early stage to understand the CREATE process and how we could be considered for the 2019 line up.

Interviews took place in March and that email zing was confirmation that Moon + Mellow had been successful. We were so proud that we were the first sleepwear brand to feature in the showcase. Now all we had to do was make sure that our first production arrived on time! It was all pretty tight but the stars aligned in time for us to launch at CREATE in July.


Ethical Sleepwear Brand Moon and Mellow Launch at Brown Thomas Create

It started with a scramble to get stock in on time and then a cocktail of nerves and excitement on launch night followed by the utter thrill of seeing our creations propped on the rails in Brown Thomas. Meeting with new customers, chatting about the collection and giving them a feel for what Moon + Mellow are all about has been such a wonderful experience and seeing our pyjamas being wrapped and boxed for customers gave us an amazing warm fuzzy feeling.

Our time with CREATE 19 has now come to a close. It has been a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to be on the floor in Brown Thomas meeting and chatting with customers and also speaking with and getting advice from the Create team and the other amazing designers. It was a brilliant platform to launch Moon + Mellow Sleepwear and is hopefully only the beginning of great things to come.

Thank you to everyone who came to see us in store. It was such a pleasure meeting and chatting with you all. To all our new customers - we hope you all have great sleeps and dream big in your new Moon + Mellow pj’s!

 xxx Cliona